Supplement Buying Guide

So, we’re into a New Year, and no doubt many of us will have eaten too much, drank too much, and will now be regretting the fact that we overdid it so much these last few weeks, due to the fact that our clothes are now one size too small for us. The time for gluttony and celebrating is over, and now is the time to get fit, healthy, and slimmer.

Now, a great way to get started is to eat fresh, healthy, natural, low fat foods and to get more exercise, but health supplements can also be pretty beneficial for you too. The healthy supplement market is now extremely lucrative and competitive indeed, and for that reason, knowing which types of supplements to choose can be a real headache indeed.

Fear not however, because in this article, we aim to make life as easy as possible for you, in regards to choosing certain health supplements. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Read reviews and do your research

Like we said, more and more companies are trying to get in on the whole supplement market, and because of this, there is so much to choose from, that a person could very well find themselves becoming overwhelmed. Say you’re after a protein powder for example, who do you choose? Well, thanks to the internet, there are now review sites and forums which allow users to share their reviews and experiences regarding a specific product.

If you read several reviews that say a product made people feel ill for example, you know to cross that one off your list. If you read several reviews that say it made them feel great, tasted great, and helped improve their physique, then perhaps that could be a possibility for you.

Choose supplements to suit your own specific goals

If you’re looking to lose weight and get fitter for example, then a high calorie mass gainer powder is obviously not going to be for you. Instead, you’d be better suited to low carb, low calorie whey protein powder that aids in recovery and lean muscle gain after each workout. If you plan on doing a lot of weight lifting, then recovery is what you need to focus on.

When we lift weights, we don’t build muscle, we destroy muscle, we build muscle when we rest, as our body repairs itself and rebuilds the muscles bigger and stronger, assuming of course, that it has the nutrients to do so. Amino acids and glutamine based supplements are especially effective for recovery, so bear those in mind.

Never over-complicate things

There are so many supplements to choose from, and to be quite honest, some of them are completely unnecessary. Don’t fall into the advertising trap and buy something you don’t need. Generally, as far as health supplements go, start with the basics:

  • A good multi-vitamin
  • An omega 3 fish oil supplement
  • And perhaps a good quality whey protein powder to aid in recovery and lean muscle gain are all you need to get started.

As you get used to these supplements, and do more research, perhaps you can then think about adding to your supplement stack, but make no mistake about it, supplements, whilst being effective, are so substitute for real, healthy food and hard work.