Is Oxyhive A Natural Hives Treatment?

What are Hives?

Hives can be referred to as “Urticaria”. Hives can be caused by a discharge of histamine -chemicals released from cells along the skin’s blood vessels. Do you have hives?  10 – 25% of people experience hives.  The symptoms can range from raised, red bumps that are smooth but very itchy to other more intense symptoms such as stinging and burning.

What causes hives?

Are you tired of all the itching, stinging and burning? It would be easy to assume that hives are caused by one problem but the truth is that the cause is unknown. However, some people have unknown allergies that may cause hives. For instance, if you experience hives you may be allergic to the following:

  1. Foods – milk, eggs, tree nuts, tomatoes
  2. Pollen – grass and flowers
  3. Excessive cold or heat
  4. Direct exposure to sun
  5. Animals – dogs and cats
  6. Medications

Doctors usually prescribe ant inflammatory drugs such as Aspirin, Advil or for severe conditions ACE inhibitors. However, taking powerful drugs for a simple rash may cause more acute problems such as: liver damage, heart attack or stomach problems.


So what’s the solution?  The makers of Oxyhives use the knowledge of homeopathy to ease your pain! The Oxyhives formula is based on activating your own body’s  ability to heal itself.  An all natural approach may be the answer for someone who is looking to avoid the symptoms of taking drugs to relive hives.

Oxyhives’ ingredients are formulated to eradicate and alleviate pain and anxiety associated with hives.  Oxyhives was created to bring fast relief by delivering homeopathic medicine directly to the bloodstream.

Natural Ingredients

Oxyhives is made up of many natural, homeopathic ingredients.  These ingredients work in synch to relieve the following:

  1. Itching
  2. Swelling
  3.  Pain
  4. Inflammation
  5. Bruising
  6.  Redness
  7.  Burning
  8.  Tingling
  9.  Swelling

People who suffer from hives usually experience various symptoms. Oxyhives was created to take a “holistic” approach to the situation. Although this is not a cure, the formula works fast to relieve the symptoms mentioned above.

Those who suffer from hives should also consider researching and eliminating many foods as well as other things that may aggravate these symptoms. Oxyhives contains honey bee, leopard’s bane, oils and more.

Additionally, it may be important to combine this product with other antihistamines to get the needed results.

Side Effects

According to the makers of Oxyhives, there are no side effects associated with this homeopathic medicine.

As a precaution, please evaluate the ingredients to make sure you can use this product. It may be necessary to consult a Naturopathic doctor or medical doctor if you are taking prescription medication or other herbal medicine.

It appears that Oxyhives may be the solution to your problems!

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