7 Clever Ways to Cut Workout Time!

Working out is hard and time-consuming. That is the reason why many people bow out of it after just a few sessions. The true benefits of a workout session can only be achieved after religiously doing it for a specific period of time. Below are the clever techniques on how you can possibly cut down workout time without sacrificing those much-needed routines:

1. Combined two exercises together

If you have to perform two routines that you are confident you can do properly at the same time, do so. Combination exercises save you half the time required when working out. The best exercises to combine are the routines for the upper body and the lower body.

2. Switch to high intensity workouts instead of cardiovascular routines

Consult with your fitness instructor and find out if you will benefit from a high intensity workout more. Note that such a workout may not be applicable for some people. High intensity workouts require shorter time, but are more difficult to execute. Be sure that your body is ready for it.

3.  Invest and use the right equipments

There’s no better workout time-saving tip than simply doing all exercises at home. Try to invest in a few gym equipments then convert one room in your house into a personal gym. There are many exercise machines that can work out your body all at the same time. If you don’t have the funds, a good workout mat will do. Either way, if everything you need is easily accessible, you won’t have to spend minutes getting ready and traveling to the gym.

4. Do away with all the distractions.

If you observe yourself while working out, you will realize that you’re spending more minutes in the locker room, talking to a buddy, or resting. Try to get down to business as soon and as fast as you can. If music keeps you motivated, put those earphones on the moment you start your sessions. Then focus.

5. Try working out alone.

More often than not, working out alone is much faster than doing it with a group. Group workouts are fun. But it also means taking turns at the machines, goofing around, and waiting for the others to arrive before starting the session. If you want to save time, then don’t stick to anything that could delay the workout process.

6. Full body exercises are still the best.

It is actually okay to focus on a certain muscle group like the abdominals, the biceps, and the legs. However, if you can find a workout that can train all parts of your body at the same time, use them instead.

7. Limit warm-up exercises for only 5 minutes.

While warm-up exercises are necessary, you shouldn’t spend half of your time at the gym performing them. Two minutes of foam exercises and three minutes of stretching are usually enough.

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